Compounded Medications

Our medicines are available in many dosage forms including Vegetable capsules with lactose and gluten free fillers, creams, ointments, gels, troches, sprays, suppositories, pessaries, lollipops and powders.

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Our team includes qualified pharmacists and technicians.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Our bodies contain many different types of hormones which are responsible for controlling and coordinating activities throughout the body including growth and development, immune function, reproduction, and metabolism.

The hormone balance can be offset as we get older and by factors such as stress and trauma. This can lead to the development of symptoms like weight gain/loss, weak bones, infertility, mood changes, hair loss and other health problems.

Compounding allows us to tailor the prescribed treatment to the patient’s hormone levels and symptoms to restore the hormone balance and alleviate symptoms where commercial products may fail to do so.

Pain Management

Living with chronic pain can have tremendous negative impact on people’s lives, both physically and mentally.

Treatment with available pain relief medications can often lead to substantial side effects especially if these medications are in the form of narcotics.

The goal of pain treatment is to control pain symptoms to a tolerable level while reducing the risk of adverse effects.

With the availability of pharmaceutical compounding, patients can have their medication tailored to their own individual needs to provide pain relief and improve quality of life.


Skin conditions can often be difficult to treat. Also, many skin care products and treatments can cause unwanted side effects such as redness, itching, and dry skin.

Sensitivities to ingredients such as fragrances, dyes and preservatives are a common cause of these skin reactions.

Compounding allows us to carefully select the appropriate moisturising agents, and non-irritating agents to formulate products that are hypoallergenic and reduce the risk of adverse reactions.


As we get older, we can develop conditions such as dry mouth which makes it harder to swallow capsules or tablets. Many patients may also need to take multiple medications, and this can lead to a decline in compliance and cause further health problems.

Compounding can address some of these issues by combining multiple drugs into one preparation. We can also formulate a liquid instead of a capsule or tablet which makes it easier and more convenient to swallow.


Children can be fussy when it comes to taking medication and several factors can impact the acceptability of these medications such as bitter taste. Developing age-appropriate formulations is key to optimising therapy in children.

Paediatric compounding gives the ability to customise a medication to the child’s unique taste preference.

Compounding also provides alternative delivery systems such as chewable tablets, liquids or smaller capsules to ensure the medication is administered with less hassle and stress for both the child and the parent.


As with children, pets can be very particular when it comes to taking medication especially if the medication is not pleasant smelling or tasting to that pet.

With so many medications manufactured for human use rather than animal, the inactive ingredients used can lead to sensitivities and allergies can sometimes be toxic to your pet.

Compounding allows us to prepare a product that is specific to your pet’s unique taste preference and health needs.

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